Featured Websites - Past and Present

  • Chad Magnuson Family Medicine

    Website for Dr. Magnuson's Practice.  This allows Dr. Magnuson to update important information concerning current health issues.  It also links to online appointment scheduling.(Joomla) Read More
  • Ed Palmer Construction

    Website for Ed Palmer Construction.  This site provides a business presence as well as showing different construction projects as examples.(Static)
  • Hita VonMende Artist's Website

    Website for Hita VonMende.  This website showcases works of art by Hita VonMende in several online galleries.  It also allows updates for current and recent shows of her work.(Joomla)
  • Kol Haneshamah

    Website for Progressive West Seattle Synagogue.  This site allows the office staff to manage updates, event calendaring (linked to Google Calendars) and important notices (via banner), and procuring donations to the organization.                                (Joomla) Read More
  • Law Seminars Breaking News

    Blog based website for Law Seminars International.  Used by the organization to provide news of current legal events.  (currently not in active use)                           (WordPress)
  • Seattle Strings

    Website for a group of  Chamber Musicians.  This website enables the musicians to offer prospective clients a sampling of their work.  If interested the prospect can send their contact information via the site.             (Joomla) Read More
  • Seeds 4 Success

    Website for Seeds 4 Success, a non-profit organization that works with people with disabilities to provide an opportunity to learn skills necessary to become independent, productive, employed and involved community members.  This site allows for text to speech conversion, and is focused on clarity and ease of use.               (Joomla) Read More
  • Stratton Law and Mediation

    Website for Stratton Law and Mediation.   This allows for informational updates as well as a business internet presence.  It also allows explanation of mediation practices and form distribution as well as a treatment of some IP law topics.                                                                                                                          (Joomla) Read More
  • Strawberry Festival

    Website for Vashon Chamber of Commerce sponsored Strawberry Festival.  Provides information about the annual event. Features include- downloadable application forms, acknowledgement of sponsorship from member businesses, and schedules for musical events on several stages as they become available.                                             (Joomla)
  • Vashon Household

    Website for Vashon Household, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and preserving affordable housing for those with modest incomes.  The site allows project updates, distribution of applications and donations to the organization.                                                                              (Joomla) Read More
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Welcome to Davis Integrated Technologies, LLC. 

I have been serving clients in the Puget Sound area since 2003 providing ‘1 stop shopping’ for technology needs.  Whether outfitting an office with server systems and networking, designing and implementing cloud solutions, or providing a dynamic web presence on privately owned servers, I can assist with each step along the way.

Having a unique mix of skills, including scientific training and 25 years of computing experience, I can quickly and efficiently solve the problems which arise in our increasingly technological world.  My focus is on customer service and providing friendly, timely and cost efficient help.  Beyond the wealth of knowledge that I bring to the table from experience, my key asset is the ability to quickly learn new technology and then effectively train others in its use. 

Whether in implementation or project management, I can help your business with the technological needs, desires, and challenges. 

Call for details regarding the free one hour consultation.

Andrew Davis, Ph.D.

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